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What Should You Look When Buying an Air Conditioner?

If it gets really nice and warm in the summer, an air conditioning in the house is very nice. That no warm, but cold air blows through your house, isn't that a wonderful feeling? And if you have decided to purchase an air conditioner, it is good to know that there are two types you can choose from. Mobile air conditioners and fixed air conditioners. What you choose depends on the rooms that you want to cool and or the function that your air conditioning must have.

If you want to place an air conditioner in your bedroom or in the attic, for example, it is nice if you know which one is the best to purchase. For all air conditioners, there are a number of aspects that you should consider carefully before you proceed to purchase. We list these aspects below for you:

Sound of an air conditioner

The noise that an air conditioner makes is indicated in decibels (dB). During the day, the normal noise level in the home is on average between 25 and 35 dB. Every 3 dB extra means a doubling of the sound. Especially when you want to use the air conditioning in your bedroom, it is therefore smart to check in advance how much noise the device you want to buy makes exactly. The noise level of an extra silent air conditioner is a maximum of 49 dB, that of a silent 50 to 60 dB and that of an audible air conditioner 61 dB or more.

Energy consumption of an air conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner, it is wise to pay attention to its energy consumption. If you want to lower the temperature in your home, it can take a lot of energy costs. You will find all the information you need on the energy label of your air conditioner. Not only the actual consumption (indicated in kWh), but also the energy efficiency for cooling, possibly heating and the noise level. Do you want an energy-efficient device? Then check whether the air conditioning system of your choice has the A + label

Operation of an air conditioner

A handy remote control is included with almost every air conditioning system. But nowadays there are more and more 'smart' air conditioners! These newer models can be operated using an app. For example, you switch the air conditioning on and off via your smartphone. You can also quickly check the status of your air conditioning in this way.

What is the difference between a mobile and a fixed air conditioner? And how do you know which air conditioner suits you best? We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Mobile air conditioners

Mobile air conditioners are easy to move and easy to install. All you have to do is plug in the power cord and set the correct temperature. Then you hang the hose out of the window and you can enjoy cooling off. You do not have to take into account installation costs for a professional.

In addition to all that ease of installation, you can also move a mobile air conditioner from one room to another. Turn on the air conditioning in the living room during the day and in the bedroom at night. So a lot of convenience.

Fixed air conditioners

A fixed air conditioner , also known as split air conditioner, consists of two (or more) permanent units (split units). An outdoor unit and one (or more) indoor unit (s). You connect the indoor unit (s) with cooling pipes on the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit, the word says it all, you mount outdoors, the indoor unit (s) can be placed in different rooms in the house, so you can cool these rooms at the same time.

You have less ease of installation, but the versatility of a fixed air conditioner quickly makes up for this! This way you can also ventilate and heat the room in addition to cooling.

What are the differences between an on / off and inverter?

The technical difference between an on / off and an inverter controlled air conditioner is the control of the compressor motor. With an inverter, this motor will be continuously adjusted in speed depending on the amount of cooling required.

An on / off controlled motor will, as the name says, be on or off, or run at full power and this means that if the required cooling decreases (eg because the room comes to the desired temperature) the motor will switch on and off.

Both controls cool well, but the inverter has a number of advantages over an on / off.

A split air conditioning inverter with heat pump;

  • Is quieter, inside but also outside there a constant low speed is less noticeable than a full on and off switching unit.
  • Is more energy efficient because it has no peak voltages.
  • Has a higher return.
  • Gives fewer / no fluctuations in the mains at start-up. (soft start)
  • Keep the temperature more constant.
  • Can heat to much lower outside temperatures with high efficiency, sometimes up to 15 degrees  below  zero depending on the quality of the unit.

An on / off regulated split air conditioning with heat pump;

  • Is cheaper to buy than an inverter.
  • An on / off air conditioner can  heat up to around 7 degrees above zero with a good efficiency .
  • Is simpler in design and therefore easier to repair should it ever be necessary.
  • Is generally written off earlier than an inverter..
  • Can heat to much lower outside temperatures with high efficiency, sometimes up to 15 degrees  below  zero depending on the quality of the unit.

We advise not to take air conditioning with too little capacity because the air conditioning will then run continuously at full power to cool or heat the room and you will also have the most noise problems and will cost you too much in electricity and will be at the expense of of the lifetime.

Be aware that the cheapest solution is not always the lowest price of a certain capacity. Get the Trane Air Conditioner although a little expensive but provides quality assurance. If you have doubts about whether you choose the right capacity, please contact us.
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