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In between classes the other day, I was sitting with a friend at some tables in the Art Department. We were carrying on as usual when I noticed the tables were covered with, well, art. Now, I’m sure some may consider this graffiti or vandalism since it’s probably not supposed to be there.

I found it totally entertaining and it reminded me of a couple semesters ago when I found a quote from the movie “Fight Club” scribbled on a bathroom stall in the Engineering building. It also made me wonder if each department had graffiti unique to its students.

Obviously, the art students can use their talents to create some beautiful defacement. But, do other students utilize the skills acquired in their respective majors when vandalizing? It’s a stretch, I know. But, random thoughts like this seem to frequent my mind.

So, out of curiosity (and boredom), I decided to check out bathroom stalls in different departments to see if I could find any patterns. Waste of time? Probably. Disgusting? Definitely. But, in any case, I haven’t found much yet. It’s probably because it gets washed off at night. Or maybe I just need to find something more productive to do during gaps than look for graffiti in bathrooms.
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Diandra Paramita Sastrowardoyo, better known by her stage name Dian Sastro or Dian Sastrowardoyo, is an Indonesian model and actress. At the age of 14, she won the teen beauty pageant Gadis Sampul. She began her acting career with a leading role in the 2000 film Bintang Jatuh directed by Rudi Sujarwo.

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