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New York style Italian food in Santa Clarita

As I sit with my family at a local Italian place in Santa Clarita, I look and see my favorite actor Joe Pesci dining across from us.   The small-framed, Italian man has starred in movies Goodfellas, Casino, My cousin Vinny among others.  Pesci is a family friend of the owner of the place and regularly dines at Nardones Italian deli in Santa Clarita.  

Santa Clarita is not known for it’s authentic Italian cuisines, but if you look hard enough, you can find Nardones Italian deli located on Lyons Ave. hidden in the back of a shopping center.  Being from New York, I know good Italian food, and it is hard to find it in Santa Clarita, even in Los Angeles.

Nardones is an Italian deli that specializes in catering but is open for dine-in eating.  The small venue is always filled with east coasters who have relocated to California.   You can tell by their accents, and their presence.

The owners are a father and son team from New Jersey who opened the deli five years ago to bring New York Italian cuisine to Los Angeles.  If you are ever in the mood for amazing Italian food that is truly authentic you have to try Nardones.
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