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Harry Potter - Fact or Fiction?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  For some, it is cookie dough while for others it can be Star Trek.  For me, it is Harry Potter.

I do not admit to being a fanatic, however I do comment on Harry Potter fan groups, see the movies the first weekend they are out and re-read the books on a regular basis.  Ok, Harry Potter is one of my most favorite brands out there.

The Harry Potter book series and movies have a large and devoted fan base all around the world.  People come together to write fan-fiction, draw their interpretations of the characters and discuss all things Potter.

The books by J.K. Rowling have brought about a new wave of fantasy fiction addicts.  I look at fans of Lord of the Rings and laugh.  I judge fans of Star Wars with a roll of my eyes.  But I myself have fallen into the trap.  A trap, that is, of make believe and magic.

In an online Harry Potter group I belong to, we discuss what “house” we believe we would belong to and what magical spell we would use if we were in Potterland.  There are discussion of why Rowling decided to make a certain plot twist and what we would have changed if we could.  Yes, there are even posts providing quotes and page numbers leading to proof that Dumbeldore was gay.

I never kept my Potter addiction a secret, however I did recently out myself as an obsessed fan.  Or at least an uneducated graduating senior.  The department chair asked my class what non-fiction books we have read within the last year and I was the first to answer (proudly) Harry Potter.

After we all had a good laugh, I promptly went home and put my Potter books in a closet.  Even I know when things have gone a little too far.
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